About Clair

“Clair Chapman is a woman in her thirties, unmarried, childless, overweight and ginger. And yes, you’ve guessed it, there is a cat.

However, she is funny, she is sexy, she is clever and she is opinionated. She knows what she likes and is more than happy to share all of that with you. Sometimes, whether you want it or not.

This blog is her way of writing that column in The Observer, that she always knew she should’ve had, although it has somehow eluded her thus far. She recommends that it is read with either booze or caffeine and is ideally consumed with cake and gusto.

Comments are encouraged and appreciated, but sharing this blog with your friends will win you her ever-lasting admiration, and maybe a gin.”

– Pope Benedict XVI, August 2011


3 thoughts on “About Clair

  1. Surely it should read “ideally read with booze and pissed up butty you have just created”. Just saying like.
    Pissed up butty lover

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