Holidays Are Comin’ (early).

I haven’t blogged in ages, and although I felt like doing some blogging, I couldn’t for the life of me think of a topic to blog about. I asked my Facebook friends. They were utterly uninspiring, and a long and tawdry thread about vaginas began, but among the minges, was this suggestion:

“why do people celebrate xmas so early and decorations up in september……..dont know bout you but it annoys me to…….no need!x”

I have managed to see past the grammar, spelling and punctuation crimes, and have decided that this was the most interesting suggestion of all. Interestingly, the person who suggested it, isn’t even one of my Facebook friends, he just happened to see my plea, and responded sensibly. I need more friends like him.

So then, why DO people begin their Christmas in Autumn? Nope, I don’t know either. I mean I can guess at it being the one time of the year they can break out the feel-good overspending with impunity. We could also take a stab at childhood memories of happiness and wish-fulfilment and we may even cynically blame the marketing genius of Coca-Cola, Argos and John Lewis.

However, I think we’re not that stupid, as a population, and people only succumb to these pressures if it’s something they want to do anyway. If you want to begin your run-up to Crimbo in mid-November and use the Boots 3 for 2 offers as an excuse, go on then, do it! It’s no skin off my nose.

BUT loads of people HATE when people start enjoying themselves too soon. It’s like they think there’s only so much Christmas joy available each year, and people who start using it up early are stealing other people joy portions.

Note to self: don’t say ‘joy portions’ out loud; it sounds rude.

My take on all this? Do what feels good. If you want to put yourself in debt and buy mountains of overpriced shite in order to show the world how much you desperately love each other, grand. If that’s your thing, do it.

If you prefer to painstakingly pickle and preserve fruits and berries, bake seasonal yummies and knit your own muesli in order to show the world you took time to create something lovely, that’s great. Actually, if you DO make this kind of Christmas gift, put me down for your leftovers – I heart biccies and jams.

Or if you’d rather give to charity on behalf of your friends and family, or even spend the time you would’ve spent present shopping and wrapping at a local soup kitchen, then that too is great. Beware though, I did it one year though and it actually properly pissed off a couple of close friends who wanted presents instead. Go figure.

Look, it’s not even vaguely about the little baby Jesus anymore. We (mostly) all accept that its all about a break from work, going crazy ape-shit in TK Maxx, drinking your own body weight in Bailey’s and Iceland party platters for breakfast.

But actually, if you really think about, it’s just about being happy. Just for a little bit of the year, people who wouldn’t usually justify it, let themselves be happy.

You know what? There’s nowt wrong with that.


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