The look in your eye, tells me you’re keen,
I’m all coy smiles, though I know that you’ve seen.
Another caress, and I couldn’t care less,
If you’re sweet talking me just to get me undressed.

Small talk and laughter, but not like with him,
But it’s nice that you’re here, to buy me more gin,
A proper date? Oh. Tomorrow night?
Let’s just be mates eh? My head’s not right.

You laugh like him, but you’re not as funny,
And yes you’re sweet, but you’re not my honey.
But you eased my heart, now that he’s gone,
And played your part, and helped me move on.

So keep chatting and charming, trying your luck,
Go on, just ask, give your courage a pluck.
You’re not the one, you’re not Mr Right,
But let’s have some fun, ‘cos you’re Mr Tonight.

Been lovely to meet you, you’ve made me feel good,
Seems I can sparkle, I’d forgotten I could.
My smile is back and my sorrow is drowned,
Let’s go back to yours, I’m on the rebound.


6 thoughts on “Rebound.

  1. Ooh – I love this. Very honest and funny – perfect. I love how it shifts from caution to action, the way it examines the conversation we all have with ourselves in this situation. Top marks Ms Chapman xxx

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