This Time.

I left my joie de vivre down by the Mersey,
The sun shone and the wind whipped and I knew.
I didn’t look back to see if she had found it,
I left it on the riverside with you.

This city’s broken hearts for generations,
Through famine, music, slavery and love.
But still she never fails to show her beauty,
As she takes your trembling hand inside her glove.

When she takes your joy to add to all others,
You don’t feel it till you’re back amongst your own.
You still live in the town that you were born in,
But somehow you can never call it home.

My soul lies still along the Mersey,
It’s up there with my heart and joie de vivre,
And everytime I go back there to find them,
I swear that this time…
This time…
I’ll never leave.


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